NIGERIA – Government reveals plans to solve the country’s housing need


H.E. Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, Nigerian Minister of Power, Works and Housing, revealed that the federal government intends to solve Nigeria’s 17 million housing need by building, in 2017, more houses to stimulate jobs. Mr. Fashola added that the government plans to assess the affordability and the acceptability of the designs of the houses to be built.
The plan will involve both the private (suppliers and developers) and the public sector (the Government will concentrate on strengthening institutions like the Federal Mortgage Bank to provide mortgages to workers to own their homes).
The idea is to use “Made in Nigeria” inputs (doors, windows, tiles, paint, roofing materials, …) unless there is no local production capacity, in order to create employment and get factories back to work.
The Government intends to appraise the most current National Housing policy to make changes only if necessary.
State Governors are expected to play a critical role in the processes, by providing land of between 5-10 hectares for a start, with title documents, and access roads or, in lieu of access roads, a commitment that they will build the access roads by the time the houses are completed.
Assuming to get land from the Governors in all the 36 States and FCT (Federal Capital Territory), the plan is to start simoultaneously working on building 40 blocks of housing in each state and FCT.
Tenders have been considered and 27 States already confirmed the availability of land.
Designs of one, two and three-bedroom bungalows for the northern states to respond to the cultural, climatic and land use peculiarities have already been completed, as well as simple designs of one, two and three bedroom blocks of flats for southern states also in response to similar peculiarities.
Source: Construction Review Online

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